Nana Ewusi Foundation (formerly known as Daasebre Kwebu Ewusi Scholarship Program)
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A Ghanaian proverb:
A Ghanaian proverb:
A Ghanaian proverb:
A Ghanaian proverb:
"Fow Dua Pa A Na Wo Pia Wo"
The person who climbs a good tree will get a good push
The foundation has been instituted by Daasebre Kwebu Ewusi, VII to help the brilliant but needy students within the Abeadze Traditional Area to have a sound education at the Senior High School level, through the Aeadze State College. Scholarship is contingent upon recipient enrolling and continuing education at Abeadze State College, and is limited to those who have excellent, consistent academic record and who have demonstrated dire financial need.

The foundation needs the sponsorship of the students by individuals who have a heart for young people to have opportunities towards excellence and which will propel them into upward mobility in every aspect of their lives..
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