The Abeadze State has retained most of its cultural and administrative values and, due to the current Omanhen, is archiving its rich history for future generations.
The Ahoba Kese Festival
The two main festivals are Ahobaa Kakraba and Ahobaa Kese. The festivals honor a man who sacrificed his life in the 1400's for the sake of the Fantses. His name was Ahor. In August the Ahobaa Kese is also called the yam festival and is launched with everyone going to old Abease, the ancestral grounds. Many activities are enjoyed all week. On Saturday of that festival week, the Omanhen and all of his subchiefs and queen mothers are carried in a planquin, replete with splendor and regalia. This culminates in a Durbar, attended by thousands.
The Omanhen
History 1, 2
State Development
EGROEG Company
Nana Ewusi Foundation
Nana Ewusi, I
Former Kings
State Chiefs
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