Abeadze State Development
Nana Ewusi VII has been relentless in his strategy to have the best possible educational environment for the people of Abeadze. He initiated the Abeadze State College, a Senior High School, many years ago, and broke ground for a permanent campus. It includes boys' and girls' dormitories, administrative block and a 12 unit class room block. Nana built and initiated the state of the art computer center at Dominase which serves all the schools and high schools, as well as the public. It was commissioned in August 2006 by the former Vice President of Ghana, Alhaji Aliu Mahamma. The computer center is also the field trip site for young students from othr towns and communities.

Nana has upgraded the security of the state by providing the first ever police car and developing a new police station. Under his leadership the construction of the Dominase health clinic was completed and he is responsible for it to be upgraded to a certified Ghana Poly Clinic. He is continuously engaging NGO's, local and international to increase the quality and availability of health services to the Ghanaian public.

Nana Ewusi is responsible for roads from Mankessim to be paved and caused a communal market place to be build in Dominase. He also caused the upgrading of the Dominase Methodist Church from local to circuit. He developed a program for pipe borne water for Dominase huseholds and organised SIF small business loan programs for Abeadze State farmers.
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