There was still dissatisfaction among the people with the prevailing conditions they met at "Akanman" and they decided to find a new and suitable settlement (Abeadze). When the "Borbor" Mfantes were leaving , the people who came to be known as Abeadzefo did not migrate with them but chose to leave and find a settlement of their own led by Nana Otseiku Baa. They finally settled at an area where they were satisfied with the abundance of palm trees - old Abeadze. The land, so rich in palm trees, gave the state its name - Abeadze (abundance of palm trees) - and its people - Abeadzefo.

The conditions there also proved harsh due to lack of water. During the reign of Nana Kwebu Amissa, hunters were sent around to find water, which they did under a domin tree. They met the Guans known as Etsii on this land, fought with them and after defeating them, drove them from the land. Abeadze means a place with abundance of palm trees and Dominase means under the domin tree. This is where the paramount chief's town of Dominase was settled. The annual festival begins at the ancestral grounds.
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