The history of the Abeadze traditional people is directlly related to that of the Akan people to which the Fantse people belong. History records that in the 13th century, the Akan speaking people, intent on fleeing Muslim domination. passed from difficult valleys in Sudan to Timbuktu in Mali and much later, settled at present day Tekyiman in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana, After settling at Tekyiman for about three and one half decades the Fantses, who were known and recognized as "borbor"mfantses, decided to find a new settlement because they felt threatened and troubled by their enemies. The Tekyiman area at that time was in constant instability due to wars and rumors of wars. Led by three renowned, stalwart warriors - Obrumankoma, Odapagyan and Oson, they migrated from Tekyiman and finally settled at a place which they called "Akan-Man (or land of the Akan) now known as Kwaman.
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