Nana Tsinasi was enstooled in 1891at the very young age of 7. Nana Tsinase is honored for his fervent, unrelenting and successful struggle against the Abora who attempted to usurp Abeadze State as one of its subjects. Among his many accomplishments are the excavation of feeder roads, installation of the native state prison, palm oil exportation as well as brought the first typewriter to the State Council offices.
Enstooled in 1953 at the age of 16, Nana Kwebu Ewusi VI, brought great developement projects during his 43 years as King. He established the Police Station for the town and brought electricity to Dominase, Kyeakor and other towns.
 He established the Abeadzeman Rural Bank as well as the health post and bore holes for potable water to the residents. He was known to be a disciplinarian, straight forward and unwavering in the administration of justice. He is the immediate predecessor of Daasebre Kwebu Ewusi VII, the current King.
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