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Nana Ewusi I, also known in later years as King Thomas Solomon, was the greatest king in Abeadze state and one of the greatest in Mfantseman. King (Nana) Ewusi I, was enstooled at a very young age and ruled for more than 80 years. Nana Ewusi I was and still is renowned for his policies of peace, religion and education for which
 he was honored in 1814 by the King of England. The British medal and sword he received from King George, III, in commemoration of the honor, remain at the palace.
He is the only omanhen on record to fight actively against the slave traders. Due to his vision and tremendous courage, he enforced his authority prohibiting human sacrifices,the selling of slaves from his state and the exodus of slaves through his state, and other cruel customs. There is an ancient slave route that passes from Northern Ghana through Dominase in the Abeadze State where the Dentsi Asafo fought slave traders and liberated captured people from slavery. A chain acquired during one of these events is still at Dominase. Due to his bold and courageous policies against slavery and human sacrifice, he was able to persuade the British to formulate a legal document (Bond of 1844). He was signatore to the Bond of 1844, which outlawed the slavery and human sacrifice in Ghana. Nana Ewusi I, was one of the organizers and member of the Executive Committee of the Fantse Confederacy which declared independence from Britain in 1867.
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